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Leadership Academy

"opens its doors to applications during the end of each student’s junior year in high school."


The Leadership Academy scholarship application process: 

Requires the submittal of a Scholar-ship Application and formal interviews. A committee selects approximately 20-25 scholars for admittance into San Francisco Achiever’s Leadership Academy program, which also starts the process for each young man to compete for one of our renewable annual $3,000 (annual max) college scholarship.

The young men who are admitted into the Leadership Academy are also granted:

 Leadership Academy scholars benefit from: personal mentors, access to brotherhood bonding outings and activities, one-on-one college advising/preparation assistance, the chance to meet and network with college admissions officers, internship/job opportunities, and the opportunity to develop professional skills and mindsets.

Our Leadership Academy guarantees:
A full-fledged learning experience for each high school senior—preparing him for college applications, college success and persistence, and life after college. 


" Since its founding, SF Achievers has provided 188 scholarships to African American males who achieved at least a 2.5 high school GPA. "


Removing the structural barriers

The scholarships, fully funded by individual donors, are:


  • $3,000 per year for four years for a student attending a university
  • $1,500 per year for a student attending a community college (that increases to $3000 per year when the student transfers to a university).

Currently, 67% of SF Achievers have graduated or are on track to graduate (the national average for this cohort is 23%). By providing scholarships, SF Achievers removes the financial burden that is a predominant factor in students dropping out of school or selecting more affordable schools with low graduation rates, a trend also known as undermatching.

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A one-to-one mentor from senior year in high school through college graduation


Each student accepted into the program is matched with a mentor who works collaboratively with staff to help the Scholar solve problems and learn new strategies for success, removing not just the immediate barrier to success, but empowering the student to remove barriers on their own. Finally, mentors and other career activities provide students with opportunities to visualize themselves in their career of interest through deeper understanding of the paths to that career and what a day in the life looks like.

Our mentors, first and foremost, are a critical component of the team – a vital piece of the mentoring structure we refer to as the Mentoring Triangle. Internalizing, and embracing a team mentality, as well as the triangular structure of this mentoring relationship, is crucial to your success as a mentor. In addition to mentoring a student you will join and share information and war stories with other smart and passionate adults dedicated to seeing each Achiever reach his peak.

“I really like my mentor. She helps me with a lot of the areas of school that I stress about and we have a good time together. Jane is always there to take me places or help me and my fellow scholars to get to our Achievers workshops.”

Richard Ameachi


“Richard told me early on he’s read that African American students aren’t good test takers, and despite my assertion that taking those tests is a knack you can learn and practice, he has now decided to retake the tests and do some prep.”

Jane Bryson



"thanks to a partnership with the Mayor’s office, each scholar will be placed into a summer internship for the course of 6 weeks to gain on the job skills from different sectors and departments of the City."


Young Black men who are accepted into our College Program and meet the minimum requirements for scholarship—a 2.5 GPA with demonstrated, annual financial need—are provided with the following avenues of support:

  • Placement in a variety of career-specific summer internships (e.g. the City and County of San Francisco’s Project Pull) to develop on-the-job skills and experience and prepare students for life after college
  • Resume and interview prep sessions
  • Individualized job/internship-hunt assistance

Help a student graduate from college.



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