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High School Support Program

“The High School Support Program acts an incubator for our Achievers Scholarship Program. Working in close concert with the leadership at our partner high schools, we aim to identify and build relationships with all of the African American male students at the school. Throughout this process, we interact with these students in a variety of different ways to promote academic and social progress and awareness, as well as emotional and academic support.”

High School Lunch Sessions

In order to build our young men into leaders, we believe that it is necessary to help them focus on important ideas and concepts as early as possible. We identify and reach out to all African American male students in 9th – 12th grade. Once we have engaged all students at the beginning of the year, we facilitate and sponsor open-door sessions during the school lunch period for all of our young men to attend twice per week. These sessions provide our scholars with both food for the stomach, as well as food for thought.

Organized and facilitated by the High School Support Program Coordinator, the purpose of these sessions is to hold discussions covering a wide array of honest and open topics including:

  • Social Awareness
  • Emotional Awareness
  • Academic Achievement
  • College Prep
  • Goal setting
  • Leadership Training
  • Professional Networking
  • Other Valuable Topics

These lunch sessions are also designed to create a sense of brotherhood and camaraderie between all of our young scholars. We encourage our young men to engage with each other frequently, respect one another, and to assist each other whenever possible. By helping our scholars become aides to each other, they further increase their chances of individual and group success.

High School Support System

It is our goal to ensure that we are effective in supporting our young scholars in the High School Support Program. To do this, we engage in frequent discovery and conversation with school leadership. We rely heavily on creating great relationships with school counselors, teachers, administrative leadership, and students themselves in order to gauge and understand the needs, life situations, and appropriate support mechanisms for each individual scholar.

We make it a priority to organize and analyze critical information and metrics regarding every student in our program. Some of these metrics include:


  • Academic Progress
  • GPA Assessment
  • Behavioral Referrals
  • School /Class Attendance Records
  • Personal/Home Siutations
  • One-on-One Discovery Sessions

It is critical to us to build a level of exceptional trust with our students and the school leadership. Through these metrics and processes, we are able to identify, analyze, understand, and act with compassion and precision to help our students achieve both academic and social success.

Help a student graduate from college.



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