We enjoy reading stories from our college scholars and sharing these stories with you all. With that, please enjoy this piece from college senior, Chris Emelife, who is currently attending the University of San Francisco.

I cannot believe it. I am entering my final semester of college. It is crazy to think that four years have passed this quickly. I am going to miss college. It has been some of the best years of my life.

This semester has been by far the best throughout my four years of college. I had the opportunity to study abroad in Greece and it was an adventurous, unconventional, and eye-opening experience. In addition to having the opportunity to travel to other countries nearby, spending time abroad has helped me discover aspects of myself that I would never have discovered otherwise.

One highlight from my time abroad was my trip to Santorini. Santorini has always been on my bucket list. How can you not obsess over the white-washed houses and cathedrals topped off with light blue domes? It looks like heaven on Earth! The photos you see of Santorini are accurate! In my opinion,

Looking forward, I have been thinking about my future. I plan on studying for the GMAT when I return from my study abroad trip. After that, I plan on applying to graduate school to knock out two birds with one stone: obtaining the 150-credits required to sit for the CPA Exam and earning an MBA with a concentration in Accounting or a Masters’ in Accountancy. Some of the schools that I am thinking about applying to are San Diego State University, UCLA, UC Berkeley and UC Irvine. While doing all of this, I plan on continuing my part-time work at the FDIC. Other than that, I am really excited for the future!

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