High School Program

SFA’s Achievers Program starts our Culture of Continuation strategy. Starting at the middle-to-high school transition, we assure both the parents of and incoming high school freshmen are aware of College Entrance (A-G) requirements. Students must pass this sequence of HS courses (with a C grade or better)to be minimally eligible for admission to UC and CSU systems.

African-American young men face a tremendous number of challenges, some seem insurmountable, but with guidance and support, there is no doubt they can succeed. Approximately 40% of African American students graduate A-G compliant; and only 77% graduate in 4 years and matriculate to a four-year college or university. As a community, we can certainly do better.

SFA provides targeted services to support students who not only aspire to but who may be the first in their families to attend college. Many of these students are unaware of what they need to do to make it to college and they need our support. 

Our Services

Prep for Transition to HS
A-G Course Selection
Academic Support
Transcript Assessment
Course/Credit Recovery Planning 

Social/Cultural Awareness
Internships & Vocational Planning
Financial Aid
College Selection (including tours) 

Leadership Academy

Senior year is a critical year in any young person’s life. High school graduation, in many ways, marks the transition to adulthood; this is often the time when young people are presented with a series of critical choices. Without the appropriate support and guidance, student’s may not make a smooth transition whether they plan to attend college or find viable employment. For African American young men, this transition can be particularly challenging.

SFA’s Leadership Academy focuses our efforts on high school seniors. We understand that education on its own does not create pathways to professional capital or career-building blocks—but exposure to professional networks do! The Leadership Academy seeks to address that. Ourprogram aims to ensure that they develop a practicable plan for the future, create academic and professional networks, enabling them to transition smoothly from high school to college or the workforce.

The Academy focuses on education, empowerment,and exploration, and helps Achievers grow personally, socially and professionally.

Our Services

Create peer-to-peer network
Foster Strong Professional Relationships
Develop a Plan for the Future
Transition Planning  

Tour Work-sites
Apply for internship
Attend Career Workshops
Access to Scholarships  

Achievers Resources

San Francisco Achievers maintains up-to-date lists of scholarships, internships,
and employment opportunities to further support your success.
High School Student
Scholarship Programs
A list of scholarships available to college students with application deadlines.
High School Internship
A list of available internships for college and high school students with application deadlines.

Employment Opportunities

A list of available jobs for college and high school students with application deadlines.