Dear San Francisco Achievers supporters,

In this time of immense tragedy, San Francisco Achievers has long been a place for empowering African American young men in San Francisco and for supporting them through a wide variety of challenges including racism. This is ingrained in our very DNA as part of our mission to inspire and assist African American young men in San Francisco to lead and thrive in higher education and beyond. We accomplish this through mentoring, leadership training and college scholarships.

As individuals, as a team and as an organization, we will not stand for bullying, bigotry, or hate of any kind. In this time of extreme sadness, anger and grief we stand with and support the young men we champion not just for a brighter future, but one that truly lives up to the ideals of unity expressed throughout the country today. We are grateful to our vast community of partners and friends who are standing with our students of color with compassion and empathy. We hold one another up and celebrate the differences that make us the rich tapestry that is America. We watch out for one another and stand up against the injustices that threaten not just dreams, but also lives. We all listen to really understand the struggles and deep hurt that some of us may never face. We all stand and rise together.

Black Lives Matter!

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