College Student Scholarship List

"I love those connections that make this big old world feel like a little village."

—Gina Bellman

Due DateScholarship NameRequirementsWebsiteNotes
Awarded for Spring: January 1, 2019Fundera College Scholarship
January 6, 2019Beyond Wellness Chiropratic Center P.C. ScholarshipMinnimum 3.2 GPA
January 31, 2019Kenneth P. Carp
February 15Costa Rican VacationsMinimum GPA of 2.8 & Majoring in Tourism or Hospitality
February 18MoArmouz E-commerce
March 1, 2019American Institute of CPAS AschoalrshipAccounting Major & Transferring from a Junior College
March 1, 2019FoxyTradesCumulative GPA of 3.5 & Major in Business or Finance
March 15, 2019Horatio Alger NationalMust be used for Colleges listed on website
March 20, 2019Try Mattress
March 30, 2019Bautista Leroy Entrepreneur Scholarhship
March 31, 2019Vantage PointInterested in the Mental Health Profession
March 31, 2019The Krist Law Firm
March 31, 2019Mesothelioma Cancer AllianceMinimum GPA of 3.0 & either battled cancer or close relative that battled/survived
April 1, 2019The Kristina Flores Overcoming All Odds
April 1, 2019The Gainsberg Law Annual Scholarhip
April 1, 2019Frame My Future
April 30, 2019Adele Weight LossCumulative GPA of 2.5
May 20, 2019Dickson Law Group
May 30George Washington Carver ScholarshipMust attend an HBCU & major in business, math, science, or technology
May 31Peck Law Firm SchoalrshipMinimum GPA of 3.0
June 1Fundera College Scholarship
June 1Vive Health
June 1Vape CraftMinimum GPA 2.8
June 1Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. Memorial ScholarshipHigh School Seniors
June 15, 2018Laser Spine InstituteMinimum GPA of 3.5 and major in health or science based program
June 15, 2019Alpert Schreyer
June 28, 2019My BioSourceOne scholarship for STEM students and others for all other majors
June 30, 2018Loidlois
June 30, 2019Pool Town Schoalrship
July 1, 2018Naegeli Deposition and Trial Scholarship
July 15, 2019Wise Merchant
July 15, 2019The BuildFire Scholarship
July 20, 2019NYDN Rehab Scholarship
July 20, 2019Brighter Blooms Nursery ScholarshipCumulative GPA of 3.0
July 31, 2019eCellulitisMinimum GPA of 3.0
August 1King GreenCumulative GPA of 3.5 & major in Agriculture, Enviromental Sciences, Biology, or related fields
August 30PoolXperts
September 8, 2019Bella Bathrooms Oustanding Business Innovation Scholarship
October 17Improving Senior Living
October 25Horatio Alger NationalHigh school senior and minimum 2.0 GPA
November 30, 2018Pool Town Schoalrship
December 1Ketamine Clinics of Los AngelesPlanning to attend Medical School
December 1Johnnie L. Cochran Jr. Memorial ScholarshipHigh School Seniors
December 20, 2018Brighter Blooms Nursery ScholarshipCumulative GPA of 3.0
December 30, 2018Vape CraftMinimum GPA 2.8
December 31, 2018Chameleon John
December 31, 2018Confirm Biosciences CollegeCumulative GPA of 2.5
December 31, 2018Free Logo ServicesGraphic or product design, branding or marketing
Awarded 4 times a YearOppU AchieversCumulative GPA of 3.0
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MonthlyBuddha Teas Fair TradeMinimum GPA of 2.8
MonthlyNational CPR Foundation Healthcare and Educational Scholarship ProgramMinimum GPA of 2.8 & Majoring health care or education
The 15th of Every Month
The 20th of Every MonthLA TutorsMinimum GPA of 3.0