During the second week of April, two Achievers embarked on a civil rights trip down south. The small travel group, led by retired Judge LaDoris Hazzard Cordell spent seven days traveling throughout the following cities: Jackson, MS; Little Rock, AK; Memphis, TN; Birmingham, AL; Selma, AL; and Montgomery, AL.

As you can imagine, the trip was insightful and full of emotions. We are grateful for this new partnership that was initiated during our 10th Anniversary Gala in 2018. The Commonwealth Club of California (also a non profit) was founded in 1903 by San Francisco Chronicle editorial writer Edward F. Adams, founded the club with these words in mind: we only propose to find truth and turn it loose in the world. These words still hold true for more than 100 years after the Commonwealth Club founder spoke them.

On April 30, 2019, the Commonwealth Club held an event where the two Achievers and Judge Cordell sat on a panel and shared their experiences from the trip. Watch the On The Road to Freedom and Home Again video here:

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