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  • San Francisco Achievers Health Assessment

    Due to Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) and San Francisco moving through the reopening phases, San Francisco Achievers will host a variety of programs and activities that will have a combination of a virtual and in-person sessions. For the in-person sessions, we will require all students to:- Wear a face covering. - Wash hands at least twice during each two hour summer session. - Adhere to social distancing protocols by maintaining at least a six foot distance from all participants.Bathrooms and hand sanitizer will be available to all participants. Our staff will also ensure that the meeting areas are clean before and after the sessions. We plan to have a small number of opt-in activities take place in-person. The health and wellness of your student is important to us and we require the following questions and your signature be received before your student can participate in the in-person sessions.
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