Steph Curry is known for his generosity and ongoing philanthropic efforts throughout the Bay Area. This is why after the Golden State Warriors became the 2016 NBA champions, he publicly donated to San Francisco Achievers.

In an effort to never lose sight of why we’re doing this in the first place, and the individuals that help us make it happen, we wanted to revisit the impact Steph Curry has made on our organization.

The donation went directly to our Mentoring Program, which is the cornerstone of our entire organization, and since then we’ve been able to improve:

What this means is that scholars like Chinedu Anigbogu, who is the youngest of three brothers and the son of Nigerian immigrants, have been given additional opportunities to succeed. Chinedu graduated from Gateway High School in 2017, and began classes at University of California at Berkeley just a few months ago. “[San Francisco] Achievers to me means a brotherhood. We all support each other no matter age or how anybody looks. The true focus is about helping us all grow as brothers and men,” said Chinedu when describing the value of SF Achievers.

Scholar Chinedu Anigbogu

Donations like the one from Steph Curry not only help fund our program, but they help build confidence among our Scholars that they are supported, and that a successful future isn’t a “maybe” but a “guarantee.” This is an important example of how one individual can make an outsized impact in the lives of many.

If you’d like to make a difference in the lives of young students, please visit our page and consider making a donation

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