About Us


The mission of San Francisco Achievers is to support African-American young men in San Francisco Unified School District to lead and thrive in higher education and beyond by closing the opportunity gap. We do this through college scholarships, leadership training, and mentoring. Our students benefit from a community of support that starts with staff and extends to volunteers, businesses, and nonprofits throughout the Bay Area.

Our History

Dr. Henry Safrit (who also founded Meritus College Fund), founded San Francisco Achievers in 2008 to aid in reducing the opportunity and social gaps of young black men in San Francisco high schools.

Studies show that young African-American men make up about 5.5% of all college students with only 1 in 6 graduating with a college degree. San Francisco Achievers addresses some of these inequalities by providing college scholarships and individual support. 

Since its inception in 2008, San Francisco Achievers has provided hundreds of college scholarships, with a significant amount of the funding provided by individual donors. The San Francisco Unified School District recognizes San Francisco Achievers as a significant partner in its efforts to close the opportunity gap, which, according to a former superintendent, is the single greatest social justice issue facing our nation today. In July 2011, San Francisco Achievers became a fully-formed 501(c)(3) organization.

Our organization has full-time staff and a diverse board of directors made up of educators, community leaders, and professionals.