Internships List

"I love those connections that make this big old world feel like a little village."

—Gina Bellman

Career PathwayCompanyLocationDurationContact PersonEmailApplication DeadlineApplicationAgeSpecial Note
VariousVariousOPENOPENVaries can change the location based on where you live
Graphic DesignCourtsmithOakland, CAopenCourtney Smith
Law EnforcementSFPDSan Francisco, CASummer, Fall, SpringSusan Bouchersusan.boucher@sfgov.org & older
Police Cadet Program(PAID)SFPDSan Francisco, CADanielle Pooledanielle.Poole@sfgov.org Students ONLY
Engineering, Program Management, Communications, and Related FieldsSan Francisco Water Power SewerSan Francisco, CASummer, Fall, SpringLindsey Lopezllopez@ycd.orgMarch 29, 2019 @ 5:00 PM 16-19
Automotive Maintenance, Mechanic, PainterSFMTASan Francisco, CAopenGabriel Elgrablyapprenticeships@sfmta.com18 & older
Work with IT and business partnersLevi Strauss & Co.San Francisco, CA10 Weeks be in JUNIOR year of college
Merchandising, Marketing, Ecommerce, and moreLevi Strauss & Co.U.S.10 Weeks
Nonprofit(PAID)Bank of AmericaLocal8 weeks during the SummerWill be posted during the Fall for the 2020 program School Students ONLY
Various Pathways through SFO (PAID)SFO Summer High School Interns ProgramSan Francisco, CAJune- AugustSadia AfandiMarch 13, 2019 School Students ONLY @ least 16 years old
Explore careers in architecture, business, engineering, and science (PAID)Project PullSan Francisco, CAJune- AugustMarch 11, 2019 School Students ONLY
San Francisco City Government Departments (PAID)San Francisco Youth WorksSan Francisco, CAApril 5, 2019 @ 5:00 School Juniors and Seniors ONLY
Technology and Support CenterStarbucksU.S.
VariousMacy'sU.S. Students ONLY
College Students ONLY
Careers in Science Intern Program (PAID)California Academy of ScienceSan Francisco, CAYear-roundApril 1, 2019 @ 11:59PM School Freshman and Sophomores ONLY
Various (STIPEND)Bay Area Video CoalitionBay Area
Student Trainee - Health Insurance (PAID) Department of Health and Human ServicesU.S.June-AugustJanuary 21, 2021 @ 11.59 and olderAll Remote work. Requires 3.0 GPA