SF Achievers is a young program but is now old enough to welcome one of its first graduates back as a staff member. David Miles III, joined the team this fall as the organization’s first full-time High School Support Program Coordinator. “Miles,” as he is generally known, appreciates just how much impact SF Achievers can have. Upon graduating from International Studies Academy in 2008, he joined the inaugural class of SF Achievers and went on to earn a BA in Communications from San Jose State University. “SF Achievers has grown so much,” said Miles. “When I was in high school, there was no support program like this. I can see the effect, even this early in the school year.”

Miles divides his time between two SF schools – Raoul Wallenberg High School and Phillip & Sala Burton High School – serving approximately 25 young men in each school. He runs twice-weekly informal lunchtime meetings where students develop leadership and self- advocacy skills. Miles also holds regular one-on-one discovery sessions to check in on students’ grades, college applications, and overall well-being. Every student creates a success plan and Miles connects them to the resources they need, from tutoring to SAT preparation.

Though he did not initially see himself as an educator, after spending a year traveling and teaching English in China he realized that he wanted to work with youth at home. Upon his return to San Francisco, he designed a dynamic afterschool program at the Telegraph Hill Neighborhood Center. Now, he is thrilled to be back at SF Achievers. “Being with SF Achievers right now, I see a lot of myself in all these students. It warms my heart to be able to work with kids from my community,” said Miles. “I hope to be as good a mentor to these students as my mentor was to me.”

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