High School Achievers

The San Francisco Achievers High School Achievers Program initiates our Culture of Continuation strategy by ensuring participants and parents are aware of courses students need and the grade point average they must achieve to assure their college eligibility. The Achievers Program helps students build and enhance both their academic and social skills needed to transition into college, adulthood and the workforce.

Through targeted services, we aim to ensure that program participants are not only aware of A-G requirements, but has the support they need to do well in each of their classes. Our weeklylunch sessions are open to all students. Students are also encouraged to participate in the one-on-one sessions tailored to meet their academic and socio-emotional needs.

Partner High Schools
  • Mission High School
  • Phillip and Sala Burton
  • Academic High School
  • Raoul Wallenberg
  • Traditional High School
  • George Washington High School

Mentoring Program

The San Francisco Achievers Mentor Program pairs Scholars with a trained mentor during their first two years (or more) of college—the critical time when, historically, students lose interest, focus and/or the ability to pay.

Our mentors receive ongoing training and support from staff; they are regularly updated on their mentee performance andare afforded insight to the challenges their mentees are experiencing. Mentors serve as academic, social, and professional support for students, many of who are the first in their families to attend college. They are not only a critical layer of support, but also a resource; as these young people start to plan their futures the need transitional guides, and that is where their mentors are an invaluable benefit.