San Francisco Achievers Student Intake Form

Student Intake Form

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  • San Francisco Achievers High School support description:

    San Francisco Achievers High School support program is being offered at the high School your child attends. SF Achievers is a youth development program that supports African American student development in areas focusing on College Awareness, Career Exploration, Financial Responsibility, Cultural Identity, Identity Formation, along with Health and Wellness. Within each of these areas, SF Achievers will encourage students to explore, educate, and empower individual learning outcomes designed to develop personal and academic achievement. An SF Achievers High School Advisor will work with the student during school hours and possibly outside of the school day, with parent/guardian consent. There will also be events hosted by SF Achievers that you are more than welcome to attend. You will receive more information about our events throughout the year. For your child to participate in this program, there are several expectations your child must commit to. Respect your advisor as well as the other faculty, staff, peers and administrators present at your school. Stay on task with your classwork and homework. Lastly, students must behave in a manner that is in their best interest as well as in the best interest of others.
  • Section 1: Student Information